Bagels in the office

Impress your employees and customers with fresh and healthy food from Bagel & Juice.

We provide catering for all occasions. The bagels are either wrapped separately or splitted in two and put on platters, depending on the customer's need. With our fresh and healthy juices and smoothies on the side, the meal is complete. See our full catering menu here.

Would you like to create a business account with us?

Then we need you to send us the following information:

- The company's full name

- Organization number

- Contact person

- Invoice address

- Invoice email address

- Copy of company certificate

Please contact your local store to order catering or to create a business account (see contact info below).

Utside Butikk

Come bagel with us

In our green and lush cafes you may sit down and enjoy our fresh and healthy bagels, a fresh juice and a good cup of coffee. Or maybe you are dreaming of bringing the food into the sunset and just enjoy life? Either way, our bagels taste bagelicious. All our bagels are made on demand to give our customers the best quality and tasting experience. Because nothing is like a steaming fresh bagel with your favorite topping and a freshly squeezed juice.

So what are you waiting for? Let's bagel your day!


CC Vest